Why Are People Provided Free Gaming Giveaways?

In today’s society, it’s hard to imagine a single person not owning a computer or smartphone. And while both of these electronic devices can be used for everything from social media to playing video games, they’re often used most intensively during their respective entertainment functions. This is why many companies such as Nintendo and Steam offer free gaming giveaways that allow players to get their hands on some popular titles and play them for a limited period.

These bonuses aim to encourage new people who may never have seen the game before. In essence, turning an interested player into an invested one could potentially buy more opportunities for themselves in the future. There are also other good reasons why people should get these freebies, such as:

  • Allows you to try out an unfinished product – 

Many free games that you can get from places are still in the beta testing phase, so they aren’t complete products. These titles are far from perfect and may have a lot of issues, including but not limited to poor graphics, glitches, and problems with the gameplay. These giveaways allow you to try out a title while it’s still being created and report back any issues or problems you encounter with the game.

  • Shows you what the hype is about – 

Many developers and publishers want to see feedback on why people like a particular game before making huge financial investments in the title. The giveaway process allows the game developer to get players into their title and get them more invested in it, allowing them to see what potential customers may like about it.

  • You can play games that aren’t popular – 

A game developer can’t produce something for every single person out there. However, when a company puts out freebies, they can give out games to people who don’t have many options when it comes down to playing new releases on Steam or other digital distribution platforms.


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