What Properties Of Hydrogen Make It Better Aviation Fuel?

Every fuel has a specific energy, which is the amount of energy per unit mass of the fuel. Or you can say that the part of the fuel that is useful to power engines. And hydrogen’s specific energy is three times higher than the conventional jet fuel that is used presently. Furthermore, if hydrogen is used as a fuel, this will lead to less production of greenhouse gases.

It is considered the perfect fuel for low passenger capacity aircraft due to its potential and the engines designed so far. But it can be expected that the future of this green fuel is bright, and many automotive companies would promote hydrogen for fueling their vehicles.

Changes In Aircraft Design – Hydrogen Fuel Tank And More 

Some innovative brands like ZeroAvia are working on hydrogen-fueled aircraft, and a few of their models are also at the testing stage. In those aircraft, there are a few differences in the design as compared to regular aircraft.

  • Liquid hydrogen is more voluminous than regular jet fuel, for which it takes a larger tank for the same amount of fuel.
  • The high volatility makes it unfit to store the fuel in the aircraft’s wings like the traditional fuel.
  • But the weight of hydrogen is lighter than kerosene-based jet fuels that promote the performance of the aircraft.

Effects Of This Innovation On The Environment And Its Limitations

Techniques used for the production of hydrogen gas currently convenient to fuel all automobiles. Presently a meager amount of hydrogen is produces using low-carbon energy sources, and the cost of production is also high. Liquid hydrogen, however, is being used nowadays as a coolant for jet engines and the body of high-speed aircraft. But if hydrogen fuel production through wind and nuclear methods is increased, it could be a cheap and eco-friendly fuel of the future.


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