Things To Keep In Mind As How To Buy Silk Bed Sheets

An average human spends one-third of their time of the day in their beds between those sheets. So why not make the experience worth it, and you long to crawl into them at the end of the day. Now taking about luxury, it’s directly proportional to comfort. Now which is the most comfortable material for human skin, it’s a no-brainer its silk. 

The silk bed sheets define luxury in every way possible, whether it’s the texture, the look of it, or the luster, which is so comforting to look at and would be more to sleep in. now not all the things that state silk on them are actual silk you need to consider some points to avoid being fooled juts by the label and end up paying a big amount for fake material.

The guidelines involve-

Read the fiber content carefully- Read the material and the % of silk used in the bedsheet; it should be a 100% silk fabric.

Read the thread count for the comfort levels though it isn’t everything but 300-500 thread count is good, but 1000 in silk would be great.

Always measure your mattress by length and width- before heading to buy a sheet, always measure the mattress well because all stander bed sizes like king and queen won’t necessarily define your mattress.

Make sure to check return policies on the sheets for safety.

Don’t go for myths about silk bedsheets like

  • They are slippery, require dry-cleaning.
  • They will shrink after the wash,
  • All of the silk bed sheets are the same as it depends sand differs on may mays.
  • They will catch skin if its very rough 100% silk sheets won’t 
  • They are too expensive, which is somewhat true, but the benefits are worth the money.
  • They are chemically processed it is made from silkworms which are bred in temperature and exposure control environments. Hence, they are best for people looking to be away from chemical exposures in beddings.
  • They are too delicate to last.
  • They are modern things that are false as they have been cultivating mulberry worms for 5,000 years.

Knowing all these guidelines and myths, silkworms, you are good to go and experience the comfort and luxury of sleeping on a silk sheet.


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