Annoying Landlord? Know Your Tenant’s Rights

There are millions of people around the country that rent houses, apartments, condo’s etc. But how can you deal with a landlord who is constantly bothering you and your family. Well this is a situation that I had to deal with. My landlord always made some kind of excuse to try and come into our apartment. He even wasted about a month’s worth of Saturday’s waiting for some repair man that never showed up. His problem is that he is cheap, and is always looking for the cheapest way to do anything. But as a tenant you must remember that you have rights. By law a landlord must give you twenty four hours notice before he enters your apartment and this is only to fix something or to see if anything is in need of repairs. But what about when the landlord decides to move in to the other vacant apartment and feels like he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants? Well in my opinion you may want to consider looking for a new place.

When a landlord moves into his property and is still renting half of it, the rules slowly begin to change. For example you no longer seem to have any privacy because they are always snooping around the house. One thing that really bugs me is that they seem to think since they own the place they can make as much noise as they want day or night. But this just is not true. If this happens to you, make sure you bring it to your landlord’s attention in a nice way. Remember however you will want to have a documented record of any request that you make to the landlord, no matter how big or how small it is. I would suggest sending a request via -email first. This will allow you to print out any reply that they send you and save it for your records. You should not feel like you have to move just because they decided to move in. There are plenty of laws to protect the tenants you just have to really do your homework.

The laws vary from state to state you will want to find out what right’s you have as a tenant in your particular state. Most information can be researched online. Or if it is more serious you can contact an attorney for some advice. If you can’t seem to find a solution than you must just have to move, but make sure that the landlord is not violating any of your privacy rights, and that they are holding up their end of the agreement. Just remember if the landlord does anything that seems unfair, don’t let them get away with it speak up. Let them know that it is bothering you; they may not even realize that they are invading your space or privacy. So just letting them know might help to resolve the problem.

Activist Actors Hurt Causes with Actions: Gay Rights, HIV & Jennifer Aniston Caught in Activists’ Wake

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently announced they would not get married until everyone in the United States who wants to get married can get married. What Pitt and Jolie are referring to, of course, is the inability of same-sex couples to marry. As a gay guy, I appreciate Brad’s and Angelina’s intentions. However, I think they do more damage to the gay marriage debate by refraining from marrying.

Pitt and Jolie seem to muss up everything they touch with their constant self-promotion – not the least of which is the damage they have done to Jennifer Aniston by putting forward this Father and Mother Teresa image designed to distance Pitt from the fact that he cheated on wife Aniston with mistress Jolie.

Then there’s HIV and AIDs. Working on the cause of HIV in Africa is noble, no doubt of that at all, but problems at home should come first. As an American living with HIV in America, I believe firmly that the American responsibility lies on American soil first; and, in America, HIV continues to menace all people of all colors, religions, and orientations. Almost 50% of gay black men – that includes those of you on the D.L. – are believed to be HIV positive, whether they know it or not. As of a few years back, there were HIV positive patients in over 10 states in the U.S. who could not take the medications that have turned HIV into a largely manageable illness because their states have waiting lists for uninsured HIV patients. As surely as my fingers are pressing against my keyboard, these people will die if left untreated. Most HIV medicine combinations cost in excess of $1,200 a month. The HIV problem in the U.S. continues though every time I read an article about celebrities like Pitt and Jolie working on HIV awareness, it has to do with HIV in Africa.

Every month, thanks to the so-called leading example of Pitt and Jolie, more celebrities focus attention on the issues of HIV, AIDs, poverty, and death in Africa. The problem is that there is an implication from the dearth of attention on HIV in America that the virus that causes AIDs is no longer a problem in the States when nothing could be further from the truth. More people have HIV and AIDs than ever before yet agencies are scrambling to spread the annually diminishing returns coming from the Federal and state governments. That’s why, to some degree, many states still have waiting lists for HIV drugs for uninsured patients.

Senator Barrack Obama, the freshman, now sophomore, Senator from Illinois, returned to his African homeland last month and took an AIDs test to raise awareness of the issue. He should have taken an AIDs test at one of the HIV/AIDs agencies in Illinois to raise awareness of this issue where it’s supposed to count – for his Illinois constituency. Except 2008 is just around the corner and Obama’s posturing for a possible Presidential run then or in the near future. Even Lindsay Lohan is about to take up the cause of AIDs in Africa. Africa has suddenly become the place for Hollywood bad boys and girls to do penance. Thank you Brangelina.

So now the pair essentially blames gays for why they aren’t married yet. Even if I believed you really lost sleep at night over the fact that I can’t marry another guy, Brangie, how is showing the world that a couple with children can get along just fine without getting married any help to the cause that gays want complete marriage rights (and not some unreasonable facsimile thereof called civil unions)? The longer you show that, to you, marriage is just an accessory that you can slip into your relationship at any time, the more you undermine the exigency of this situation for countless gay couples who year after year spend thousands of dollars on lawyer’s fees to create documents that create some of the same marriage rights and responsibilities as a simple “I do”. What about the children of gay couples who cannot legally refer to both of their parents as their parents without a costly adoption proceeding?

The biggest favor anyone thinking of getting married can do – celebrity or not – to show support to the cause of gay marriage is to get married after thoughtful deliberation so that the marriage lasts. Both Pitt and Jolie have been married already which just makes the decision to refrain from marrying again seem even more arbitrary and contrived. Viewing the divorces in the aggregate with this decision to hold off on marrying each other does more to undermine the importance of marriage than the hordes of men and sheep waiting to take the slippery slope of gay marriage to what the Right thinks is the next logical place – bestiality.

10 Quick Ways to Lose Fat

10 Quick Ways to Lose Fat

It is fairly hard to look for someone who wishes to be fat, but you’ll find a big deal of people who simply wish to get a slim and toned body. You don’t need to worry however in losing extra pounds since there are proven ways that you can do in order to get rid of the stress of carrying bulges of fats everyday. Here are the top 10 quick ways to lose fat:

  1. Drink Ice Cold Water –

You might be asking what the connection of drinking cold water and losing weight? Actually, cold water can boost the ability of the body to burn fat faster. So stop spending your money on useless fat-weight gainers such as soda, coffee, juices, etc since the magical formula to go with is simply something that you can obtain almost everywhere-water!

  1. Eat Less –

For an obvious reason, you eat less in order to gain less calories. At first, try to consider the total amount of calories that you would enter in your body then try to start cutting few calories each week. If you lose weight, continue to eat the same amount but if you don’t then its better to cut another 500 calories. There are websites online that would help you assess the total calories consumed by your body. Don’t try to go for 2000 calories diet immediately, take your time.

  1. Burn Calories –

As part of not eating a lot, you also need to burn more calories hence its about time to start moving your butt off that slouching position that you would always maintain. Be active. By doing exercising, you will not simply lose fat but you will feel and look healthier too! There are wide range of sports that you can go for, pick one that you will enjoy.

  1. Kill your Cravings –

Indulge yourself to a lot of protein such as jerky, nuts, fish and chicken. Try to also consume raw vegetables and water can further kill your cravings so stock them up on your fridge. The time when you start eating raw vegetables, you will surely stop the ugly cravings for junk foods so better do it fast!

  1. Consume the same type of food Each Day –

You have to realize the fact that the more variety you put into your diet then the less you are going to stick to it. What you have to do is to consume the same food each day. Furthermore, doing this will teach your body to learn the fact that food serves as a fuel; and not really pleasure. Choose several healthy as well as balanced meals that you like. Make it a point to eat them every day. Once you get bored, its time to change the meal plan.

  1. Do Something Great Each Morning –

You can wake up and sweat for about 30 minutes each morning. Although some hate the idea of exercising but with continuity, it will turn out into a habit.

  1. Walk for 10 Minutes After Eating –

Doing this will allow you to increase the quantity of calories that you burn. If you eat 3 meals each day then you can take benefit of 30 minutes walking per day. (3 meals x 10 minutes walks)

  1. Eat Healthy –

Stop munching on that junk food! Furthermore, consider the fact that your body stores carb in a form of fat the moment when you eat too much of it so lower your carb and increase your fat intake so it will force your body to use fat as energy.

  1. Do Cardio Exercises –

Doing this will allow your body to lose fat even faster and it will allow you to eat less. However, its important to moderate intensity. Keep in mind that your goal is to lose fat and not to exhaust yourself to death. You must be able to breathe heavier when you rest but not to the point that you are gasping.

  1. Stay Motivated –

The problem with people is the fact that they lose the interest in losing weight hence they end up failing with their goal. That said, its highly important to seat goals and keep a tract record of everything. However, the weighing scale is not always your best friend, instead try to see how you are doing by doing a blood test so you can see the health improvement or by taking pictures of yourself every 4 weeks. You can also make use of the weigh scale at least once a week so you would know how you are doing.

Zynga Farmville: Game Application Review

Zynga Farmville: Game Application Review

There are a lot of very famous applications found in most social networking sites such as facebook. You have the very famous mafia-style game applications such as mobsters, mafia wars, and mafia. And of course, there are probably hundreds or thousands of other applications you can play. Among them is Farmville. A game application where, you guessed it, create and manage your own farm.

At first, I was skeptical about the game since it isn’t the usual action/fighting game that you see. But as I’ve seen a lot of my friends play Farmville, well I said to myself that it probably wouldn’t hurt to try playing it. So I did and I never expected that it would be such a great game.

In Farmville, you plant trees and plants and you can harvest from them. Of course, it takes time and it depends on what type of seed or tree you planted. Some may take only a few hours before you can harvest them and some could take a couple of days. You earn coins upon harvesting and you can use them to buy new seeds and trees. You can also take care of different animals and collect from them such as milk from cows and eggs from chickens. The only difference is that once you harvest a plant, you need to buy new seeds. Unlike, of course, animals and trees, after you collect from them, you just have to wait then collect from them again after a few days or so.

Aside from collecting money, another really good aspect of this game is you have full control over your farm. You can place buildings and several decorations in your farm. Place a barn, a cottage, or some fences. It’s actually one of the most fun elements of this game. You can even increase the size of your farm to accommodate more.

You can also have neighbors who can help you clean up your farm and you can also send gifts to each other. It’s really nice to see your friends’ farm and how they designed theirs. It’s another fun way of electronically spending time with them. You can even leave messages on sign posts and place them on their farm.

There are also medals that could be awarded to you by meeting certain conditions such as harvesting a set number of unique plants, collecting from a number of animals, having a certain number of neighbors, and even a number of unique farm screenshots. It’s really challenging at some point but most of them do take time to accomplish.

As with a lot of game applications, there is an option to buy Farmville cash using real money. You can buy much more lavish buildings and decorations. But again, this is totally optional. It’s not that expensive but I find it not really viable.

It’s really fun and it is a good way of spending your time on facebook and myspace. Whatever your goal is; whether to earn lots of coins, design a wonderful farm, or just collect all the medals, I would really recommend this game application. Have fun in your farm!

How I Paid Off My Student Loans

How I Paid Off My Student Loans

Like most students, I graduated with thousands of dollars of student loan debts. Six months after graduation, all of those student loans came due and I had to start making several hundreds of dollars in payments every month. Luckily, I had already planned on a way to deal with all of the debt.

Low Bills, High Pay

The first thing I did to deal with my debt is something a lot of recent graduates are doing: moving abroad. I moved to Taiwan to teach English. Living on six hundred dollars or less a month meant that my income-around twenty thousand a year- stretched extremely far. Although twenty thousand is almost poverty level in America, in Asia it meant a good quality of life and a great deal of savings. I was able to put around five thousand dollars towards my student loan debt in my year of work and still save a little bit of money as an emergency fund so that I would never default.

Leaving the Island

Taiwan was not intended to be a permanent option, however. When I left to the island, I left a boyfriend behind and had to endure a year of talking on-line with the occasional phone call. After my return from Taiwan, I had to find a means of making my student loan payments. Student loans initially halted my plans to return home. Without a means of making my student loan payments, I would still be stuck working in Taiwan. Looking on-line, I started to research career options that I could do on my return to America. I discovered by chance Bright Hub.

Writing for Income

I started writing for income in November of 2010 and then joined with Bright Hub at the end of December 2010. Originally, my writing was just intended to create a side income to pay off student loans. As the income from on-line writing grew, I started considering just writing full time. I had the savings built up to ensure that I could write for six months without it being profitable and rent in America had gotten cheaper because of extra roommates. Currently, I am paying for my cheap rent-150 a month- and making my student loan payments through freelance writing. This option may not work for everyone (how many people can find rent that cheap?), but for me, it works. It means that I can live closer to my fiancé and work at my dream job.

English Lessons

The next step in my plan for making my student loan payments on time is to start teaching private English lessons again. Prior to my departure from Taiwan, I was teaching English lessons on the side for an extra four hundred dollars of income a month. Although I doubt I will be able to charge the same per hour in America, the side income would still be decent. The area I live in is populated by a population of migrant workers- one third of the county speaks Spanish as their primary language. Experienced teachers are in demand. Making my student loan payments on time and in advance is possible provided I plan ahead and consider where my next source of income comes from.

Hot Shoe Trends for Fall & Winter

Hot Shoe Trends for Fall & Winter

Everyone knows that shoes are the finishing touch to any outfit. This season in particular, shoes will be making a bigger statement than ever. Keep reading to find out the trendy shoe styles for fall/winter 2008/09:

How High?

It’s not really a question of how high or how low of a heel this season. We definitely have a wide array of choices. Ballet flats are still hot, mid heeled boots are a great choice and sky high strappy sandals are great for evening wear.

The Texture

Croc is everywhere this season and it looks great on strappy heels and pumps, especially. If it’s patent croc, even better. Leather is a staple, but it’s coming back with a vengeance for boots this season. Also, ankle boots look great in suede.


Booties (also known as ankle boots) are still a hot commodity, so be sure to keep any you bought last season. This season, it’s the open toed bootie that will be seen on the most fashion forward women who aren’t afraid to push the envelope. I actually think this look comes across as a bit more tame when it’s done as a slingback, like the Lahdidah shoes by Nine West. The ideal way to wear open toe booties this season is with a pair of skinny jeans or with a miniskirt and black opaque tights.

Of course, boots with a high shaft are always a must have. Over the past couple of years fashion has gone back and forth between preferring a flat boot and a high heeled boot. Both still work, but a mid heel height is the most trendy choice, and the soles of our feet will be thankful for that! A pair of leather or suede boots with a bit of slouch or a touch of fringe gives your outfit extra points.


A chunky heeled pump is great for any wardrobe; not only are they in style, but they’re totally practical for work or just out and about. Mixing it up with contrasting colors this season is a hot way to make your pumps stand out. Look for a pair with a different colored heel or even better, a strip of mirrored gold or silver right around the base of the heel which can be found throughout Tory Burch’s fall range of shoes. Another way to kick it up a notch is to find a pump with a button right above the toe, which is a super cute and still professional look.


The weather may be getting cooler but chances are you’ll need a strappy high heeled sandal for evening wear. Yves St. Laurent has set off a trend for super high criss cross platform sandals, which can be seen on starlets like Lauren Conrad and Victoria Beckham. If that’s a bit high for your balance, go for high heeled gladiator; Gwen Stefani’s LAMB has several edgy styles out right now, as does Steve Madden, for something more reasonably priced.

Overall, this seasons hot shoe trends are wild, daring and most importantly fun. Be sure to play around with different colors and textures and don’t be afraid to wear a pair of shoes that pop; it’s the best way to dress up a basic outfit.

Quick Adjustments to Make Your Plain Black Dress Go from Ordinary to WOW!

Almost everyone owns a black dress. It is always chic and looks great, but some of us may get tired of wearing this same old dress to event after event. Instead of just buying another dress, you should consider revitalizing it with simple accessories!

Sprucing up even the plainest black dress should be no problem after reading some of these tips!

Low on accessories? Try this!

If you don’t have too many accessories, try doing something creative with your hair! Braids are beautiful and in this year. You can take this as far as you want. To keep it simple, just add a little braid at the beginning of a hair line of a side part, or two braids on a middle part, then either leave it or pull it back in a bun. You could also crimp your hair or do unusual waves. My all time favorite thing to do is simply to put a flower behind the ear. It could be a fresh flower or a fake attached to a bobby pin (try this site everyone will be focusing on your hair, they will forget that you are wearing a simple black dress!

Try a Belt!

The belt is the most under-estimated accessory, but it changes everything! A very plain dress that looks okay can turn into sultry and sexy outfit! Belts define the waist and give a woman a nice shape. Adding a belt is the easiest and best way to update a dress while becoming even more flattering. If you tend to be on the heavier side or have an undefined waistline, try a wide belt; otherwise, any would work. Try a belt that is not black to look shapelier. A red, silver or a white belt would be wonderful. You could even try to match your belt to your shoes if so desired.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Another way to go from boring to stylish is to get some amazing shoes. Shoes with interesting details and preferably some color besides black (though black could work with the right design). Strappy sandals, mules, or lace up heels would bring life and style to your look. To take it further, look for details such as feathers, gems, buckles, or bows. Look for colors and patterns such as stripes and checkers.

Shawls, Scarves, and Cardigans

Try a shawl, a scarf or a small cardigan to transform a bland black dress into something much fancier. Shawls always add elegance and sophistication to any outfit. It is important that shawls and scarves should be of high quality. A beautiful silk or woven shawl/scarf with a bold color or interesting pattern would be perfect for that black dress.

If you want low maintenance style, wear a lightweight short-sleeved (or long-sleeved if it is cold) cardigan, preferably cashmere, cotton or lace. There are many styles to choose form including a wrap shirt. The wrap tops are especially beautiful with a dress!

Jewelry and Bags

Last but not least, add earrings, necklace, bracelet and a beautiful bag to a dress to transform it to fabulous! If the dress has a high neckline, skip the necklace and wear earrings with as much detail as you want. Chandelier earrings are always great with a black dress! If you do wear a necklace, try wearing colorful stones such as coral and turquoise. Pearls are ok, but it is too expected; try something new!

If you want more jewelry try a bracelet or even an arm band. I like cuff bracelets but you definitely can do much subtler ones. Adding Color is refreshing.

To top it all off, choose an evening purse/bag or a clutch. I love ethnic prints like these bags by Coleccion Luna ( Details such as hand paintings, stones, crocheting, and beads are a must and pay attention to the fabric! If you do opt for a simple bag, get high quality fabric such as satin and silk.

With these simple adjustments, you will look fresh and gorgeous!

Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology DVD Review

The Royal Rumble Pay-Per-Views were some of my favorites to come from the WWE. The true precursor to Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble match hosted 30 WWE superstars (20 in the case of the first) going against one another in a lottery-themed over-the-top battle royal, with the final remaining man in the ring winning a title match at that year’s Wrestlemania. It always garnished positive energy from the crowd and made for some memorable moments, as well as some interesting statistics. It also made a lot of new stars and even had some great singles matches mixed in.

WWE has finally released an anthology of every single Royal Rumble in its entirety in a 20-disc collector’s set. The appropriately-named Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology spans two complete decades of World Wrestling Entertainment’s third-biggest yearly PPV (Summer Slam is a close 2nd) for those who are willing to shell out between $180-$260 in the stores for this mammoth boxed-set. For what you’re getting, however, it’s definitely well worth the price tag.

Only a handful of Royal Rumbles have U.S. releases to DVD, while the rest can be found on VHS, that is, if you’re willing to pay a pretty penny on Amazon or Ebay. This is the first time you’ll find most of these Rumbles on DVD, which would be reason alone to own this collection. If that’s not enough, the packaging of this set is AWESOME (although some people have made complaints about it being flimsy and delicate, it really just depends on how you handle opening and closing it). Every detail to the packaging is so well-done I still find myself scared to get my fingerprints on it. The box itself is a pristine white and opens with two gold ribbons. Inside the box are four smaller boxes that contain the discs, much like the Wrestlemania boxed sets. Every disc is complemented with a cardboard enclosure of statistics, including match listings and entry numbers for each superstar involved in the Rumble match itself. You also get four collector’s photo cards of classic moments from the Rumble matches, such as Ric Flair’s legendary 1992 victory and the infamous 1995 Rumble ending involving Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog. In terms of what you’re buying, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

The Royal Rumble PPV’s themselves range from apocalyptic to stellar. After re-watching it I can’t believe how awful the very first Royal Rumble was (especially the unending Dino Bravo weight-lifting segment). Although it receives a lot of praise from fans and historians alike, I’ve always felt that the 1995 Rumble match was like a roll-call of horrible gimmick wrestlers and jobbers, despite great performances by Bulldog and Michaels, as well as a **** title match between Diesel and Bret Hart. The 2003 Royal Rumble is host to one of the best title matches (Angle vs. Benoit) and one of the worst (HHH vs. Scott Steiner) of this decade.

The arguably best Royal Rumble matches already have U.S. DVD releases, but are still a treat to watch again in this collection. The 1992 Royal Rumble match already saw release on the awesome 3-disc Ric Flair collection, and is probably the most well-known match in Rumble history. Bobby Heenan’s color commentary throughout is laugh-out-loud comical, and complemented with a ***** performance by Flair makes this a mandatory viewing.

The 2004 Rumble match is my personal favorite and perhaps the most inspirational, seeing Chris Benoit overcome the odds of coming in as the #1 entry and making it to the very end. Everything about this Rumble is meticulously crafted into a ***** show, especially during the last ten minutes when the final 5 competitors gang up on The Big Show with their finishers. Benoit’s performance is emotional and is only outshone by his winning the title at Wrestlemania XX.

Another Royal Rumble that perhaps didn’t get the attention it deserved would be the 1993 PPV. The Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty match for the Intercontinental Title is easily **** and one of my personal favorite feuds to come from the early 90’s. The Rumble match, despite having a most ridiculous ending, gave us some really cool moments, such as the Yokozuna/Earthquake match-up, as well as the pop Bob Backlund gets as one of the three remaining men at the end.

Beyond the aforementioned instances, most of the footage on the anthology is hit/miss with viewers. The back-to-back title matches involving Mick Foley (1999 and 2000) are exceptional, while the casket match from 1994 between Undertaker and Yokozuna is an abortion to this business. The latest Royal Rumble (2007) had an average card, but an intense, well-done finish between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

Much like the Wrestlemania collection, the Royal Rumbles have their share of duds. When you buy Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology you’re buying some of the best and worst of WWE history. This will probably be your only chance to own all of the Royal Rumble PPVs for a long time, so it will prove to be a mandatory purchase for fans of this unique stipulation-themed show. The high price tag is bound to scare most casual fans away, though.

“Imagine You & Me” Promotes Homosexuals in Lesbian Movie

I never imagined there would be a chick flick that I did not absolutely hate. Yes, Imagine You and Me is something that could also spark a male’s fancy. The reason? Well, it is about two very lovely lesbians that find love.

Rachel (Piper Perabo) is a recently married lady who becomes good friends with her flower arranger, Luce, of whom was also at the wedding. Luce has always been a comfortable lesbian, and naturally finds Rachel attractive, but Luce does not want to interfere in a married couple’s life.

The married couple invites the flower lady on a somewhat informal double date. Rachel was still oblivious to Luce’s homosexuality, and hoped to fix her up with a friend known for his promiscuity. Rachel was eager to hook the flower girl up with a friend. She wanted to make her happy in such a way she only knew.

A little too happy.

Much to the gentleman-caller’s regret, Luce’s lesbianism is revealed.

So another date occurs. A girl’s night. They have their own night out on the town which leads to Rachel having fantasies about the flower girl. These thoughts arouse Rachel, but when she attempts to stimulate similar feelings with lesbian pornography, nothing seems to happen. It is only when she is around Luce, does she lust for a pink center.

Unfortunately, the male protagonist is devastated after Rachel confesses her homoerotic urges while the man is in a drunken stupor. The next day he leaves Rachel to pursue her lesbian interest. Though he seems to be a little bit too willing to leave. It’s as though he’s not even too mad that his wife had been lying for so long about her confusing sexuality.

Not to mention the fact that the actor breaks the third wall by staring devilishly into the camera after being pursued by a possible future love-interest.

What I did find admirable in this flick is that it wasn’t too wacky. That is to say that the comedy is not outrageously unrealistic and unfunny because of it. Most romantic comedies have a tendency of trying too hard to be funny. This was just witty.

In conjunction with this, the parts that are comedic are for the most part, believable. Mostly because the comedic elements are forged in witty dialogue. The dim-witted father was my favorite. The promiscuous gentleman-caller was also great, with his unsympathetic urge to plant his seed while avoiding the standard relationship ceremonies that often come with it. Overall it was a most tolerable movie and I did indeed find myself chuckling at parts. Not to mention that it’s a great way to break the oppressive trends of homophobia by creating a romance that starts out in a standard hetero marriage that eventually forms into a lesbian love story. And I shall not lie; using actresses as ravishing as these to play lesbians that fall in love helps soften the barrier of homophobia. It just seems something that is more eye pleasing. That is not to say that gay male relations are disgusting, but as a straight male, it is much preferable to witness a couple of lady’s get it on. And unfortunately it is the straight male gender that has the largest percentage of people encompassed in homophobia.

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