Exploring Different Types Of Soccer Bets: From Over/Under to Asian Handicap

If you are a passionate soccer fan and have always wanted to make some money by betting on your favorite teams, then it is important that you learn about the different types of soccer bets available. One of the most popular forms of betting in soccer is known as “soccer betting” and there are many different forms of it from which to choose. In this article, we will explore various types of soccer bets ranging from Over/Under to Asian Handicap.

Over/Under Betting

The first type of bet we will discuss is called an over/under or total goal bet. This bet requires you to predict whether the aggregate amount of goals scored in a match will be above or below a certain number set by the bookmaker before kick-off. For instance, if Tottenham Hotspur were playing against Manchester United and the bookmaker had set an over/under line for 3.5 goals, you would need to decide whether there would be more than 3.5 goals (over) or less than 3.5 goals (under) scored in the match before placing your wager.

Asian Handicap Betting

Another form of judi bola is known as Asian Handicap and it involves taking away or adding starting values from teams based on their past performances so that each team has equal chances of winning when placed in competition with one another. This bet allows one team to start with either a positive value (+1) or negative value (-1). If Arsenal were playing Chelsea and Arsenal started with -1, this means that they begin with a 1-goal deficit, which they must overcome in order for them to win the wager made by their supporters – even if they draw the match at full time!

Correct Score Betting

A third type of football betting is known as Correct Score betting, which involves predicting how many goals each team will score in a match and what the score will be at full time (90 minutes). For example, if Tottenham Hotspur play Manchester United and you predict that Spurs will win 2-0 at full time, then if your prediction is correct, you will receive an attractive payout, depending on how much money was initially staked on it.

Half Time / Full Time Betting

Half Time / Full Time betting involves predicting not only who will win, but also what the half-time scoreline will be between two teams in a given match day fixture & what the result will be after 90 minutes of play; for example, if Spurs lead Man Utd 1-0 at half-time, but lose 2-1 after 90 minutes, then those who have opted for HT (Home Team Lead)/FT (Away Team Win) will win their respective stakes!

First Half Goals Betting

First Half Goals betting is similar to Over/Under betting, except that instead of guessing how many goals will be scored in both halves combined, punters must guess how many goals will be scored within the first 45 minutes of play only! So if Liverpool are playing Chelsea & someone bets that there will be more than 2 goals in the first half & three goals are scored in the 45 minutes, they will win all the money they have previously bet on such predictions!

Draw No Betting

Draw No Bets involve predicting who will win without taking draws into account; this means that no refunds will be given if the match is still level at the end of 90 minutes, i.e. punters must choose between two possible outcomes, either home win or away win only! So if Man City are playing Crystal Palace & someone has placed their money on City to win, but the game ends in a 0-0 draw with Palace after ninety minutes, no refunds will be given unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions.

Double Chance Betting

Double Chance betting allows you to cover two possible outcomes, i.e. Home win + Draw OR Away win + Draw, rather than just one outcome as with Draw No Bets, i.e. the winning side only! An example scenario could be Everton vs. Newcastle, where Double Chance punters can pick either Home Win + Draw OR Away Win + Draw instead of having to pick just 1 option outright like regular Draw No Bets do – giving them more flexibility when dealing with unpredictable games like these sometimes tend to be!


Football betting can provide great entertainment for both novice and experienced sports fans alike – however, understanding all of its nuances can seem daunting at first glance due to its seemingly complex nature compared to other sports markets out there nowadays! That’s why learning about each type from over/under betting all the way through to double chance betting is pertinent information needed to better understand this fascinating world sports gambling industry that offers us today!


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