CBG Hemp – Everything You Should Know About This New Strain 

CBG or cannabigerol can be considered as the mother of all the cannabinoids present in a hemp or CBD plant. The cannabigerolic acid is responsible for the development of most CBD and some THC as well. As the CBD hemp flower ripens, this CBG acid or CBGA is converted to make CBDA and THCA, which later becomes the CBD and THC as we generally know them.

The CBG is extracted from the plant before it gets converted, and after decarboxylation, the CBG strain is derived.

Benefits Of CBG That You Will Not Find In Regular CBD Or Hemp 

  • This compound has a more streamlined and direct effect due to its direct interaction with CB1 and CB2 receptors, unlike CBD, which has a low affinity.
  • Furthermore, it can be helpful to control the paranoia or anxiety caused by excessive consumption of THC.
  • It has nerve-protecting effects, which are helpful for diseases in which your nervous system is at risk.
  • It can also work as a tumor growth inhibitor for animals, mainly slowing down colorectal cancer in pets.

CBG Is A Good Mood Enhancer Due To Anandamide

Anandamide or bliss chemical makes you feel happy or lifts your mood and creates a sense of wellbeing. So, it can alleviate anxiety, promotes calmness and soothing effects, and helps to relieve any stress or tension. Moreover, it is a great antifungal and antibacterial remedy, which is not a property of CBD that makes it even better.

CBG is better at inhibiting GABA uptake that relieves anxiety much effectively than CBD, so those who want quick anxiety relief should go for CBG. However, any hemp plant produces way too little CBG compared to CBD, which means CBG products could be costly if you seek to isolate CBG. Therefore, you can think about it and make sure what you want from your hemp.


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