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What Is Tax Lien System Of Buying A House, And Is It Practical To Work?

Have you ever heard that a person bought a good property just by paying the due taxes on it? Well, that is what happens in some of the rare cases of the tax lien system of the government, and it is totally practical and in the hands of authorities to assign you the ownership of the house!

What is a tax lien process?

There are so many houses located in a city and all of them have some dues to the authorities that they have to make without any type of doubt. It can be the taxes due to the government, and every house has to pay it for their property. If any house owner is unable to pay such taxes, then it can be the condition where you will be allowed to fund the correct ways of dealing with it.

If the taxes are not paid, the authorities may issue a tax lien certificate to the property, and now the owner cannot sell or buy the property till he or she makes the payment. However, when these taxes amounts are overdue, the government arranges an auction for the tax lien where the people can buy the tax lien certificate for more price or less. It is the auction in which all we buy houses in florida communities participate!

Now the person who has purchased the lien is the one who is eligible to claim the amount of taxes and interest from the owner, or they may also be awarded the ownership of the property if they have not got their payment back or if taxation value was so high!

Is it practical?

Well, it is a totally practical approach and you are probably going to gain a higher amount of profit from it without any type of doubt. This can be your lucky day, and you will receive the property at a much higher price for just the rate of taxes due on it!

You Are in the Market for Buying a Loft, South Boston is a Great Place to Buy

For the last few years, developers of contemporary-styled condominiums have chosen South Boston for their products’ location. There are two new Lofts properties available ready for occupancy in March 2007 at a very prominent location. This building is environment-friendly and includes energy efficient things including a green roof, which acts as an insulator for the building keeping the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Another new loft building, a smaller structure in comparison to the first, but with loft-style features, such as eight-foot doors and high ceilings, makes this a great and less-expensive alternative to the larger buildings in the area. Units are priced in the mid $300,000s and include amenities such as private terraces and high-end kitchen and bathroom designs.

Yesterday, I got a chance to walk through that new project over on Plus Ave. Do you know, the Boston Lofts @ 960 Dorchester Ave. is Boston’s largest neighborhood of Dorchester? It was great. The walls of glass that overlook the city are really cool, especially with the 12′ ceiling heights!

All the beams are sand-blasted, they are huge and are going to remain exposed. The individual loft spaces are still pretty raw because they are just getting the stud walls up, but you can visualize how the units are going to turn out. Kitchens are custom designed featuring African Sapele wood and glass cabinetry with nice, high-stainless appliances. Kitchens, at Boston lofts are unique and quite attractive with various customized utilities.

The second floor lofts are also interesting, however with some of the units on this floor, residents will have to leave their loft to access their deeded outer space. Yes, it is a drawback. But, if you can look at its brighter side, at least the Boston loft developer was able to give residents outer space. The sad reality of it all is that in many of the Boston Lofts, especially buildings, residents won’t be offered any outdoor space if it wasn’t directly attached their unit.

Now, moving into third floor lofts … these are going to be amazing. This is one of the units with a wall of glass that overlooks the city from the living space and/ or bedroom depending on how it gets laid out. And this is one of the few lofts in this building that has a direct access to a roof deck with even better views of the city. …Did I mention that each loft comes with an off street parking space?

In recent years, South Boston, or “Southie” as some of us know it, has become a prominent place to live for people in their mid 20’s and early 30’s. There are so many benefits to living in this area. Not only are you within minutes from downtown Boston, but you are just steps from local restaurants, bars, and boutiques that have sprung up in the neighborhood. Some of the favorite eateries in the area include Mul’s Diner, Salsa’s, the Beer Garden, and L Street Diner.

Just recently, two trendy boutiques located right on Broadway opened their doors to local South Boston residents. Ku De Ta and Habit boutiques are both owned by alum’s of two prominent Newbury Street stores. If you are more of the outdoors type, South Boston is located right on BostonHarbor and has access to sandy beaches, public pet-friendly parks, and paths for jogging and biking. Lastly, it’s amazing how many people have preconceived perceptions of not only the types of lofts they will find in Boston, but also the area as a destination for full-service amenities. Building nests with Boston Lofts couldn’t be simpler!

Annoying Landlord? Know Your Tenant’s Rights

There are millions of people around the country that rent houses, apartments, condo’s etc. But how can you deal with a landlord who is constantly bothering you and your family. Well this is a situation that I had to deal with. My landlord always made some kind of excuse to try and come into our apartment. He even wasted about a month’s worth of Saturday’s waiting for some repair man that never showed up. His problem is that he is cheap, and is always looking for the cheapest way to do anything. But as a tenant you must remember that you have rights. By law a landlord must give you twenty four hours notice before he enters your apartment and this is only to fix something or to see if anything is in need of repairs. But what about when the landlord decides to move in to the other vacant apartment and feels like he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants? Well in my opinion you may want to consider looking for a new place.

When a landlord moves into his property and is still renting half of it, the rules slowly begin to change. For example you no longer seem to have any privacy because they are always snooping around the house. One thing that really bugs me is that they seem to think since they own the place they can make as much noise as they want day or night. But this just is not true. If this happens to you, make sure you bring it to your landlord’s attention in a nice way. Remember however you will want to have a documented record of any request that you make to the landlord, no matter how big or how small it is. I would suggest sending a request via -email first. This will allow you to print out any reply that they send you and save it for your records. You should not feel like you have to move just because they decided to move in. There are plenty of laws to protect the tenants you just have to really do your homework.

The laws vary from state to state you will want to find out what right’s you have as a tenant in your particular state. Most information can be researched online. Or if it is more serious you can contact an attorney for some advice. If you can’t seem to find a solution than you must just have to move, but make sure that the landlord is not violating any of your privacy rights, and that they are holding up their end of the agreement. Just remember if the landlord does anything that seems unfair, don’t let them get away with it speak up. Let them know that it is bothering you; they may not even realize that they are invading your space or privacy. So just letting them know might help to resolve the problem.

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