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The tradition of the past is to send funeral/condolence flowers to the family members of the dead person, who has passed away. They are usually offered in garlands, bouquets as well as flower wreaths. They also make great gifts for such occasions.

Condolence flowers/wreaths have sentimental value

So many words have been left unspoken. Appearance of flowers fills the gap. They communicate compassion and a powerful expression of understanding. Flowers to those who have lost their loved ones are a custom that show you appreciate their heartbroken feelings. It also indicates that their legacy remains in your heart.

A traditional flower arrangement is a symbol of respect. However, more and more families are relying on LED beautiful wreaths, as they are taking over traditional funeral flowers. Condolence flowers are a way to say thanks.

It is associated with a religious significance

The LED wreaths in Singapore have significant spirituality. Certain flowers are utilized to show affection and love. However, the flowers used in funeral wreaths show not just love for the deceased. They also express sympathy for those who have lost a loved one. Flowers also symbolize the spiritual journey. In the end, we all reach the point where our lives are fading away, just as a flower, no matter the beauty we once had.

We recall the sweet memories

Flowers represent the nature. They also demonstrate that we usually remember the good moments and keep them with us. They might be gone but we will always keep them in our minds for the great things they were. Like a flower, we only remember the way it blossomed. It is a long-lasting memory. They are generally placed in a circular pattern. It is believed to have a spiritual significance also. It is a sign how life is a continuous process, and death is just a new beginning.

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