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Pokemon Sale- Facebook Error Issue

Pokemon Sale- Facebook Error Issue

The gaming season is just going to drop by in a few days and everyone is so excited about what all new ventures they can try out because nothing gets better than to surf through the internet for a relevant website or news article that gives any info regarding the games in question.

When it comes to games, we all are spoilt for choice but when it comes to Pokemon, it has achieved timeless status where you can simply download Pokemon go account for sale and start venturing into great adventures similar to the video game that every 80s and 90s gen folk would be aware of.

Pokemon has acquired a cult status where the likes of Ash Ketchum, Brock, Misty, Pikachu, Meow and many other pokemons are so popular that they are household names that are frequently used for cultural reference in every day to day conversation.

Error Rectification

There is a big problem that Facebook users face because when they log onto their Pokemon Go account from there, it becomes difficult for them to log into the account due to an error as a result of which the account locks itself up for a few hours.

This is frustrating for all the players due to Pokemon Go launching a new Season of Discovery where you can find brand new content and characters in the next few months and it is enough for hardcore fans to lose their minds.

Many users tweeted about the issue on Twitter where they complained that the account logs out on its own whenever they entered the password due to which Niantic, a website solves issues related with Pokemon apps, had to take matters into its own hands.

They finally sorted it out by issuing a statement through its official Twitter handle apologizing for the inconvenience caused to the users and requested all of them to correctly enter the login credentials and password.

Pokemon Go- Community Day

Pokemon Go- Community Day

When it comes to video games, you have numerous options to choose from but nothing can beat the good old ones from the 80s and 90s like super Mario, Dangerous Dave, Contra, Ninja Roberts and many others.

Those were the days when things like mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop, etc. were virtually unheard of and everything revolved around comic books, video games, indoor and outdoor games that seemed too good to be true.

Even on television, we had Looney tunes, Tom and Jerry, Swat Kats, Pokemon and their ilk to keep us entertained but what with the change of times, you start looking for updated versions of the things you enjoyed earlier and so we are going to talk about Pokemon Go that has created a strong following for itself in the past few years.

Tricks of Trade

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that can be downloaded from your app store and played for unlimited hours at leisure where you simply create a Go account and get going with the venture.

For beginners, it is a tough task to manage in the initial stages because it requires tremendous amount of patience for which most folks would not have time to devote upon due to immense work schedule in your professional life.

No worries, as you don’t have to quit your job and become a full time Pokemon trainer without pay as you just have to follow certain instructions:

  1. In order to add your level account, you can purchase Pokemon Go account available from the website where you can find the best quality content although refund happens only in rare cases but the account is cost effective nevertheless
  2. Turn on the GPS on your mobile so that you can get sufficient gym training for the long battle ahead and catch pokemons at regular intervals to increase your strength

Zynga Farmville: Game Application Review

Zynga Farmville: Game Application Review

There are a lot of very famous applications found in most social networking sites such as facebook. You have the very famous mafia-style game applications such as mobsters, mafia wars, and mafia. And of course, there are probably hundreds or thousands of other applications you can play. Among them is Farmville. A game application where, you guessed it, create and manage your own farm.

At first, I was skeptical about the game since it isn’t the usual action/fighting game that you see. But as I’ve seen a lot of my friends play Farmville, well I said to myself that it probably wouldn’t hurt to try playing it. So I did and I never expected that it would be such a great game.

In Farmville, you plant trees and plants and you can harvest from them. Of course, it takes time and it depends on what type of seed or tree you planted. Some may take only a few hours before you can harvest them and some could take a couple of days. You earn coins upon harvesting and you can use them to buy new seeds and trees. You can also take care of different animals and collect from them such as milk from cows and eggs from chickens. The only difference is that once you harvest a plant, you need to buy new seeds. Unlike, of course, animals and trees, after you collect from them, you just have to wait then collect from them again after a few days or so.

Aside from collecting money, another really good aspect of this game is you have full control over your farm. You can place buildings and several decorations in your farm. Place a barn, a cottage, or some fences. It’s actually one of the most fun elements of this game. You can even increase the size of your farm to accommodate more.

You can also have neighbors who can help you clean up your farm and you can also send gifts to each other. It’s really nice to see your friends’ farm and how they designed theirs. It’s another fun way of electronically spending time with them. You can even leave messages on sign posts and place them on their farm.

There are also medals that could be awarded to you by meeting certain conditions such as harvesting a set number of unique plants, collecting from a number of animals, having a certain number of neighbors, and even a number of unique farm screenshots. It’s really challenging at some point but most of them do take time to accomplish.

As with a lot of game applications, there is an option to buy Farmville cash using real money. You can buy much more lavish buildings and decorations. But again, this is totally optional. It’s not that expensive but I find it not really viable.

It’s really fun and it is a good way of spending your time on facebook and myspace. Whatever your goal is; whether to earn lots of coins, design a wonderful farm, or just collect all the medals, I would really recommend this game application. Have fun in your farm!

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