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Volume Design- Illuminating Advertise

The aforementioned title might sound confusing to some but rest assured that it isn’t rocket science because it deals with product advertising through illumination that has long since been a practice in branding and advertising.

Whenever a company markets and advertises its product, it does it through promotion in print and social media so that the millions of people at least in the country would get to know about it.

But what about smaller countries like Estonia? Don’t they have the right to make market and sell their products? As far as Estonia is concerned, it needn’t worry for it has an excellent advertising agency in the form of Volume Design that makes its products illuminate far and wide so that the rest of the world takes notice.

Lighting Up

For starters, Volume Design has a long history to its name of about 25 years and to last that long is a feat in of itself that has set a benchmark and even though Estonia is a tiny country, the Valgusreklaamid concept has helped it establish supremacy throughout the European subcontinent.

Illuminated Advertising is not just limited to hanging a billboard cutout of the product outside and hanging a few lights on it but much more than that because customers’ demands are quite challenging to fulfill.

Volume Design is an enormous production plant that is located in Juri Tehnopark, Estonia that has more than 100 experts dealing with illuminated advertising whose expertise is such that the final product more than exceeds expectations of customers in such a way that they return for repeated bookings.

The company has to follow the norms set by ISO standards where all the products should have a CE mark engraved at the back to give them a unique identity where they comply with requirements set by European Union (EU).

It includes environmental protection of animals along with the health and safety of the customers that use the product because it has a long shelf life and might be dangerous if not handled with care. 

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