Annoying Landlord? Know Your Tenant’s Rights

There are millions of people around the country that rent houses, apartments, condo’s etc. But how can you deal with a landlord who is constantly bothering you and your family. Well this is a situation that I had to deal with. My landlord always made some kind of excuse to try and come into our apartment. He even wasted about a month’s worth of Saturday’s waiting for some repair man that never showed up. His problem is that he is cheap, and is always looking for the cheapest way to do anything. But as a tenant you must remember that you have rights. By law a landlord must give you twenty four hours notice before he enters your apartment and this is only to fix something or to see if anything is in need of repairs. But what about when the landlord decides to move in to the other vacant apartment and feels like he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants? Well in my opinion you may want to consider looking for a new place.

When a landlord moves into his property and is still renting half of it, the rules slowly begin to change. For example you no longer seem to have any privacy because they are always snooping around the house. One thing that really bugs me is that they seem to think since they own the place they can make as much noise as they want day or night. But this just is not true. If this happens to you, make sure you bring it to your landlord’s attention in a nice way. Remember however you will want to have a documented record of any request that you make to the landlord, no matter how big or how small it is. I would suggest sending a request via -email first. This will allow you to print out any reply that they send you and save it for your records. You should not feel like you have to move just because they decided to move in. There are plenty of laws to protect the tenants you just have to really do your homework.

The laws vary from state to state you will want to find out what right’s you have as a tenant in your particular state. Most information can be researched online. Or if it is more serious you can contact an attorney for some advice. If you can’t seem to find a solution than you must just have to move, but make sure that the landlord is not violating any of your privacy rights, and that they are holding up their end of the agreement. Just remember if the landlord does anything that seems unfair, don’t let them get away with it speak up. Let them know that it is bothering you; they may not even realize that they are invading your space or privacy. So just letting them know might help to resolve the problem.


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