Youtube Converter For Mac You Didn’t Know About

An online YouTube converter is not only exclusively made for Windows. Some work in mac, too! If you didn’t know these existed, fret not, because we will introduce them to you. Without further ado, these are the best YouTube online converters for mac.

Qualities of a good YouTube converter

There are loads of YouTube converter on the world wide web today. Thus, it is important to find one that will fit all the qualities of an effective and efficient YouTube converter. What are the qualities, you ask? here they are.

  • Easy to use. Allows you to download and convert YouTube videos with just a few taps on the computer.
  • The app should be able to convert YouTube videos into different formats. Different file formats serve a particular purpose and it is important that the app offers a lot. You might need an mp3, mp4, FLV or more.
  • The online converter does not lag. The website should work fast and smooth.
  • It is also important to know if the online converter will automatically sync the converted files into your library.
  • Quality is very important in the digital age. It helps if the software will allow you to set the quality of the converted file before the process begins.
  • The website of the online converter should have a clean and functional interface. This is a very big deal for many years. If the site is too complicated to work through, they will most likely find another one.
  • Last but not least, YouTube online converter should be up-to-date. It should be able to offer updated and modern features and dons the latest trends.

YouTube Converter for Mac

These are our top picks for the best youtube converter for mac. Check these out.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

The first on our list is the Softorino YouTube Converter 2. This software is both a youtube download and converter. It allows the user to convert videos into a variety of format options. Advantages of this online converter are the following:

  • The software has a very fast download and conversion speed. You don’t ever have to worry about downloading or converting high-quality videos anymore.
  • The softorino gives users the option to convert to these three choices: audio, video and ringtone.
  • You can easily transfer the converted files across all your Apple devices.
  • When converting a video to music, the software will automatically fill in all the file details needed such as album cover.


Another great option is an online software called Downie. This is considered to be one of the best online youtube converters there is for Mac. It is not available for Windows. Downie does not only allow you to download and convert from YouTube, but it is available for use for more than 1000 websites. Here are more of its advantages

  • it is very easy to use and has a clean interface.

It also allows you to modify the quality of your downloaded and converted files.