What do Fortnite fans think of the New Marvel Cross over?

Whether you are a big fan of Marvel or not, but a Fortnite fanatic, you may be aware that Avenegers:Endgame has been very successful in its premiere. Millions and millions of fans watched the iconic movie. The developer of Fortnite, Epic has given a short teaser of an additional crossover scene between the two big businesses after they had worked together to deliver Thanos to Fortnite and at the same time, promoting Avenegers: Infinity War. There is no enough details that have been disclosed in regards to the new crossover, but a short teaser image of a hero from Fortnite carrying the shield of the phenomenal hero Captain America has been revealed with the tagline – whatever it takes. This tagline also happened to be the tagline of the movie.

The date of the said crossover was April 25 which also happens to be the movie premier of Avengers:Infinity War in the entire world. During the waiting time and anticipation, there were a lot of theories about the crossover and no Fortnite cheats could make it revealed. Some gamers speculate that in the crossover, players will be given the chance to use Captain America’s shield in the game. Additionally, gamers also think that they will be able to use some skills of the characters from Infinity Wars.

Consequently, the developer, Epic is expected to give more surprises for its fans all over the world. But when the movie premiered on April 25, what really happened in the crossover in Fortnite? Well, it was an amazing event. The crossover elevates the whole Fortnite experience. For some gamers, it was an awesome event because their characters were given the chance to be powerful enough. However, for others, the essence of Fortnite has been compromised with the crossover.