Pros And Cons Associated With Marvel Contest Of Champions

Marvel contest of champions has been a popular game since its introduction due to the presence of a wide range of characters and interesting features like team play and the battle between characters. A number of mcoc cheats came up in the market and that further encouraged many to join the race. However, a huge discussion was on the pros and cons of the Marvel Contest of Champions. So here are a few aspects about the game you can go through them to decide whether this Marvel superhero game will suit you or not.

Pros of Marvel contest of champions

  • A wide range of characters is available in the game starting from Spiderman to hulk and Captain America and even Deadpool so you can choose your favourite character to go ahead in the game.
  • Unlike many other Marvel games, this one is available for free and you can definitely give it a try since you do not need to invest in the game.
  • The animation and graphics of the game are highly impressive and a fluid animation definitely adds on the overall experience of the game.

Cons of Marvel contest of champions

  • You need to invest money to buy gems and other resources else you will fall behind other players. However, you can also use cheats for this purpose.
  • No new characters are present. Some other Marvel games introduced new characters.
  • The gameplay that is there in the arena might seem repetitive. They are like old wine in a new bottle and might appear boring after a while.

Thus, if you have not already tried the Marvel Contest of Champions then give it a try and consider the following factors to get a better experience of the game and have an idea how other players can beat your favourite superhero.