Beware Of Laser Hair Removing Side Effects

Are you on plans to go for laser hair removal soon? Well, the laser process has proven to offer semi-permanent reduction in hair growth big time. But you should also know that the process may lead to some side effects as well.

Irritation and redness

Laser beams work by damaging follicles of targeted hairs. Your body may react to it and you may experience irritation and redness in targeted areas. You may also develop a tingling feeling in your skin. But nothing to worry much. These effects are short-lived. If the sensation is too strong, you may consult a dermatologist for some topical anesthetic. You can also apply ice to cool down your body and that will reduce these symptoms.

Change in skin color

You may notice change in skin color in targeted areas. If you have pale or light skin, you may find darker pigmentation. The situation will be completely opposite to people with dark skin tones. However, skin tone is a crucial factor while choosing a laser home removal machine. If you are looking for the most suited and best at-home laser hair removal machine- go for a one that works on all skin types.


You may develop crusting of skin after a laser session, especially if you have dry skin. But it’s a minor trouble and can be handled easily with a good moisturizer. You should also drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated that will avoid these crusting affairs.

Skin infection

You may experience signs of skin infection as well in the initial period after your first laser. But if you sense any such symptom, make sure to contact your doctor immediately.

The discussion on side effects is not to deter you from achieving your dream hair-less smooth skin through laser. But it’s aimed to notify about some necessary facts so that you can take an informed decision and ensure safe hair removal.