3 Techniques In Improving Your Instagram Engagement

Having a lot of engagements can increase your Instagram account’s views and followers. This is an essential factor for many Influencers and social media marketers. Instagram’s algorithm changes every time so it is best to take note of this as this might help on improving your account’s engagements.

These are the three techniques you can use in improving your Instagram engagement.

  1.    Improving your post captions

Posts that contain unique and very catchy captions can attract more engagement on your account. This also can help you get a lot of followers on your account. Making a post that has a good picture and a caption can make a lot of users spend more time on your post. This means you will take advantage of Instagram’s current algorithm to get more followers and hits because you will be featured on their specific section.

  1. Replying to comments instantly

This technique is particularly useful in improving your engagements as this can help your post to get to the top of your follower’s feeds. Users seeing you respond to their comments immediately will make your conversations’ and posts’ active. There is also a technique you can use to attract specific people in your post. By replying and tagging the users’ accounts they will get a notification where it is mentioned that you tagged them in your reply. Constant and continuous use of this technique can increase your engagements by a fair amount.

  1. Attract attention by posting through stories

There are some times that it is better to upload stories than posting normally. Posting through stories can make your engagement high because you can use a lot of tools that can help you communicate with your audience. It is important to take advantage of this feature in very specific situations as this method is better than going out of your way to buy cheap Instagram followers.