Plating And Cake Design: How To Make Seashell Designs Using White Chocolate

Every time you see those cakes and desserts in fancy restaurants, you will always be amazed by how gorgeous they will decorate their cakes and plating them. One of the most common ingredients they use for these designs is chocolates. The reason for that is that Chocolate can be melted to any mold you want, as well as the finished product can hold its form due to its hardness.

These elegant yet tasty designs can also be attained in the comfort of your home, may you be a novice baker, or a seasoned one. So, how can you make designs, like seashells, out of Chocolate, especially white Chocolate?

The Tools And Ingredients

First things first – what you need to attain this:

  • White Chocolate (amount depends on how much you want to make)
  • Seashell Mold
  • Saucepan with simmering water (keep it simmering)
  • A thick glass bowl

The Procedure

Steps you need to follow:

  • Cut white Chocolate into manageable chunks and place half of it in a bowl
  • Double-Boiling Method – place the bowl on top of the saucepan with simmering water. And be careful not to let the bowl touch the simmering water.
  • Let the Chocolate stay there until the Chocolate is thoroughly melted.
  • After it is melted, gradually add the remaining Chocolate until everything is well blended.
  • Quickly and carefully pour Chocolate in seashell molds. Tap the molds to eliminate air bubble build-up.
  • Let it cool until it hardens.
  • Remove from molds and voila, you have now seashell-shaped white Chocolate for different uses.


And yeah, there you have it, white chocolate seashells for cakes and other uses too. If you feel more creative, you can also use sand dollar molds instead of seashells. For a more realistic and dollar, you can search “sand dollar facts” and use it as a reference.

Having these white chocolate seashells adorning your pastries will surely make it more exciting and appealing to the eyes.