English Clubs Conquering Modern European Football

Last June 1, 2019, Liverpool defeated Tottenham to win their 6th Champions League Title. A few weeks before this, Chelsea won over Arsenal on Europa League, Europe’s subsidiary competition. The finals for both European finals are considered to be one of the most extraordinary moments in football history, as never have been a time where all four clubs in both finals came from one country. Even players betting through dominoqq have not seen this turn of events coming.

A brief history of football leagues in Europe

While this moment is unique in European football history, there have been instances historically where a particular country, a single club even, have dominated European leagues. Real Madrid had a 5-year championship run in the Champion’s League from 1956 to 1960. Next came Italian clubs who won 4 European cups from 1963 to 1969.

England had their turn come mid-1970s, where clubs from the country won seven finals in 8 years. The following years have shown various champions from different countries, with no one team dominating. No single style of playing proved effective in the long run.

Effect of globalization of European football

As football became more available to other countries and players in teams have become more diverse, ideas and tactical strategies in plays have become so varied that it was no longer possible for a single club or country to employ a single approach that will prove effective to dominate.

English teams this season

Some say that luck has played a role in this year’s domination of English clubs, particularly in Champion’s League, where Tottenham was able to overcome teams in quarter and semi-finals through excruciating late-game drama. But what most people don’t realize is that most of what these English teams have achieved this season was mostly due to stable leadership and long-term planning.

New coaches, in the form of Jurgen Klopp for Liverpool and Pochettino for Tottenham, have moved English football to develop into a quicker and more physically demanding style. This change in pace and mental attitude from the new coaches have definitely influenced and inspired the teams this season, leading to this monumental moment in football history.