Free Online Browser Games To Kill Your Time

Got a lot of free time during work or school? Bored just being inside the house all day? Killing time for entertainment has already become fancier and fancier nowadays. It would take you high-end gaming pc, console, smart TV, and many other fancy gadgets just to have good entertainment. Fortunately, here are some games you can easily play on your browser to kill some of your time.


Engage in a fun and enjoyable snowball fight and freeze your foes with this game. Surely, this is another great way to play snowball fight during the winter season.

  1. Treasure Arena

This 16-bit game will take you to a very exciting adventure and let you fight in a big dungeon in search of a treasure. This multiplayer game will surely challenge you in many ways.

  1. Neptune’s Pride

A strategic game that is all about space and galaxy. The game is about galactic expansion. The game can be played by up to 8 players and the game would work on how you will strategize to expand your stars

  1. Pokémon Showdown

Based on the popular show Pokémon, this game is great for people who are fans of the show. The game is mostly about battles and it is very fast-paced, which is perfect if you’re just looking to kill some time during your break

Obviously, there are still a lot of browser games that you can play. For some, they like puzzles like 2048 and such, while some people just want games that won’t require much thinking. The Internet continues to enlarge, and with that expect that you can easily find games that would entertain you. Action, adventure, racing, sports, horror, and even betting game like; name any genre, and let the internet do the work for you.