Cleaning And Maintaining Stainless Pots

Maintaining your kitchen utensils and steel pots sparkle and shininess will not only preserve its looks and its display worthiness in your kitchen, it also adds more to its shelf life and since you are using it whenever you cook something, it also removes unwanted bacteria that maybe harmful to your health. In this article, we will show you some tips and tricks that is proven to easily clean your kitchen pots made of stainless steel.

Now, there are lots of variety for kitchen utensil stains such as the burned portion due to overexposure to fire, brown stains due to the stickiness brought when cooking meats, calcium deposits from boiling water exposure and watermarks that occurs when stainless steel wasn’t properly wiped up after cleaning. All these accounts due to poor maintenance of steel pots as this kitchen wares are sometimes left neglected since they are being used every single time.

Now, to remove those blemishes, here are some of the things you need for the following stains; for burned cookware, after using it, soak the burnt portion with a boiling hot water. Allow the water to settle in then add soap and gently use scrub for cleaning. Now, if you boil a lot using stainless pots, calcium deposit builds up, to remove this, mix ¼ of vinegar with ¾ of water and gently scrub to affected parts with soap and rinse with water. Same with water spots, remove it using vinegar but take not it will recur if you do not thoroughly dry the pans.

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